My Klinik St. Georg Experience

… and the months that lead up to the Biggest Decision in My Life!

I first learned about the Lyme Disease treatment available at Klinik St. Georg in Bad Aibling, Germany at my initial meeting with my LLMD at The Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness in 2017. My LLMD took one look at my medical records and recent brain MRI and said, “Oh yes, you have Lyme in the brain, and you should go to Germany as soon as possible.” I had never even heard of this treatment. I was scared, overwhelmed, and never considered that I would need to take such drastic measures to get well again. I thought to myself, “Is this really how sick I am?”

Thank goodness my mom was with me at this appointment. Hearing about this treatment, it was all new, sounded extreme, and was such an alternative suggestion, I don’t think I could have processed it all on my own. After hearing about the science and the whole process, Mom wanted me to go, but I had a lot to think about. I immediately contacted the Klinik, sent them all my testing and documents, and was accepted for treatment. Woah! That happened quickly.

However, I certainly was not mentally prepared for such a scary treatment half way across the world. I needed the funding to make it work, not to mention the confidence. I had the idea that I needed to exhaust all measures under my covered insurance in the United States first before taking any drastic measures. In January 2018, I started on IV antibiotics daily and only few of my symptoms had been relieved. I had a major mental scare all while some of worst symptoms came rushing back. We reduced antibiotic intake by pulse dosing. I continued these antibiotics until February 2019. I knew at this point, I was basically spinning my wheels for 13 months without any major changes. What type of damage am I doing to my body? Is this treatment ever going to help get better?

In October of 2018, I met with my LLMD once again. My symptoms had not changed too much, she suggested that the Klinik is still the best option for me to reach remission. Due to my young age and overall health I would be a perfect candidate for this treatment and would likely have great success. She also told me about a local Lyme foundation that is helping patients like myself get a chance at a new life by offering financial assistance for this treatment. If you would have told me this information a year or two ago it probably still wouldn’t have gone. I would have asked myself, Why would I be worth this opportunity? Why do deserve this over someone else?

Through therapy and a lot of mind preparation I was finally able to gather the strength to ask others for help. To tell people more about my struggles, to be open with my illness and what I go through every day. This helped me feel again. It has helped me see that I have always been surrounded by an immense amount of support. This all made me realize that I want to help others get more information, get connected with others who are struggling, and gather the confidence that they deserve to get better. I really want to help bring more people together and create positive environments where patients feel welcome, together, and comfortable in their own skin.

After my appointment with my LLMD I decided I would actively pursue getting to Germany for treatment as soon as possible. I reconnected with the Klinik and applied for grants. Over 200 of my friends and family came together offering me support. I put together a Go Fund Me that had great response and we did a one-night fundraiser with raffles and a DJ with an amazing turnout. After raising just about half of what I needed to get to Germany, my family pitched it a lot and I was approved for a grant to finally get me there. I felt extremely humbled and truly blessed to finally been given this opportunity at a new life. I officially felt mentally prepared and physically ready to get to Germany and put my body through one of the most intensive three weeks of its entire life.

Throughout all this the stars have aligned …

I truly believe that Everything Happens for a Reason.

You get to used to the “norm” and then things slowly become the “new norm” and you grow used to that too. You almost don’t even realize what’s changing around you, until it hits like a ton of bricks. People often say “I wish I knew those were the good old days while they were happening” but it takes on a new meaning when you’re watching a disease take hold of someone’s life. When a walk in the woods becomes the physical equivalent of a marathon you can’t help but think “I wish we had played outside just a little longer when we could.”

It’s hard not to question, or rather obsess, over the what if’s and the shoulda/coulda/wouldas when someone you love is in pain. It’s hard not to feel guilty for being well, I would give anything in this world to take away the pain and give my best friend his life back and today I finally feel as though I can see the beautiful bright shining light at the end of this incredibly long, incredibly painful, incredibly life changing tunnel we’ve been in.” – K. Ford

Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Douwes from my doctor, Dr. Nevina Zubcevik
Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness representing Dr. Douwes

Daily Journal at Klinik St. George

February 7th – 28th

February 7th, 2019, my mother and I are going to Germany! The infusion company I have for my PICC line contacted Logan airport and got us TSA Pre✓ which made customs and getting to airport gates a complete breeze; even with all my medical goodies for my PICC, thank you Coram Infusions! We took a red eye; the flight was a little over 7.5 hours. I only slept a little bit; screaming babies, uncomfortable seats, and turbulence. We landed in Munich at 9:45 on the 7th.

The shuttle from the airport to Bad Aibling was absolutely fantastic and gorgeous. You could tell that it had just snowed the night before, the trees were caked with snow. We took the scenic route through little villages and there were so many great views. Can we just talk about The Alps for a minute? Holy Absolutely Breathtaking! So many farms, then suddenly the mountains show face. Bad Aibling is located about a half hour from some of the biggest mountains I have ever see in my life. I could not and still cannot get over how breathtaking the massive mountains are. Photos just do not do them justice!

Obligatory Klinik Photo
Obligatory Klinik Photo
“The Sleeping Virgin” – Wendelstein Mountain

Day One:

We arrived at Klinik St. Georg at around noon and I could tell just walking through the front doors that I have absolutely made the right choice by coming. The building just felt so comfortable and welcoming. We took a tour of the building and it is stunning, so unique and eclectic. The staff calls it “The House” and it really does have a sense of home. We checked into Room 151 and then had lunch in the dining room. This will be our home for the next three weeks, so I brought pieces of home with me like photos, my dream catcher, and crystals just to feel more comfortable. You have to be comfortable in a new environment, especially when you are out of your element and embarking upon such a major healing journey. We met with one of the doctors and I have finally met some people I had been communicating with for over a year and a half. The rest of the day we checked out a little bit of the town, then had dinner in the dining room, and went to bed pretty early.

Day Two:

Today was a good day. We met with the main doctors. Also, I had some preliminary testing done, like bloodwork, CRS, BioScan, EKG, and lung function, started on my first infusion of Selenium, and had a hyrdo colonic. Mom and I had a good amount of free time, so we got the chance to explore the town some more. The people here are extremely nice and the town of Bad Aibling is stunning. I love the architecture and the mountain views between the buildings and from the hilltops. I’m so grateful to be here and to have this opportunity.

Day Three:

Saturdays at the Klinik are pretty quiet. Daily, we receive pills in the morning, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today, I had one Glutathione infusion, heavy metal chelation, and started topical preparation for Hyperthermia to avoid any skin outbreaks following the treatment on Monday. Today, Mom and I went down to Rosenheim with an amazing couple from the Klinik who live in France. So far, Mom and I have met some seriously incredible people! We all connect in ways that I would never imagine I could connect with another person. We all live this constant struggled life and completely relate to one another’s day-to-day. It is amazing to share such similar war stories with fellow Lymies who experience so much of the same in this life. Patients from all over the globe come to Klinik St. Georg for treatment! The Klinik treats patients for Lyme Disease as well as multiple forms and progressions of cancer.

All the patients here are full of positive vibes and are all putting their complete faith into the process. I’m so happy I will have a new friend and fellow baking buddy in treatment at the same time as me. We have really bonded since our trip to Rosenheim. The bonds we form here are nothing short of a miracle! It also really nice to hear about all the success stories while here and about everyone’s hands-on experience.

Rosenheim was stunning; the buildings were absolutely beautiful. There was so much history in the town and I loved all the colors. After a long day out and about, I’m pretty exhausted, but I am feeling strong and feeling really confident about Monday’s Hyperthermia treatment. That will be my big day for sure! I can literally feel all the positive healing vibes from all over; I’m so grateful for everyone’s continued support!

Day Four:

 A busier day for sure! I will start out the day with IV infusions of Metronidazole, Rocephin, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, along with one infusion of Metronidazole and a shot in the butt of cortisol in the evening. I will continue with the topical preparation and will also have the lovely prep drink, similar to that of what a patient would drink prior to a colonoscopy, in the late afternoon. I’ll be on a total liquid diet after delicious breakfast. The food here is quite tasty and very wholesome. If you have any food sensitives, they will prepare you anything that works with your specific needs. All of this preparation is essential for a successful Hyperthermia treatment in the morning. Last night I didn’t sleep too well. Very stiff and sore all night, per usual for us Lymies. But my spirits are still super high, my weight is already down, and the people here make me feel so very welcome! I will still take the good sleeping pill tonight to be sure that I get a good night’s sleep and am well rested for treatment tomorrow morning. Certain that KSG is the right choice for Me and I am so very grateful for this opportunity and would not be here with the all the support I continue to get. I am eternally grateful! This IS the Answer! I’m in good hands!

Day Five:

My First Whole Body Hyperthermia Day. I remember waking up to a lovely enema at 5:00am and thinking, ‘Ok, I got this!’ I told myself what I kept telling myself this whole time, “I am stronger than I know.” I know exactly what I need, put my trust in the hands of this team, allowing myself to let go and allow my body to have a chance to heal.

At 8:00am, I practically ran down the hall for the treatment, I think I just wanted to get it done. I remember laying down onto the cooking bed and my baking buddy in the next bed. We both said our good lucks and then focused on our treatments. I remember the nurse asking if I was nervous and I said, “I feel like I am more ready than nervous at this point” he then checked my wrist for my pulse and said “Uh, huh” and we both chuckled. Okay, maybe I was a bit nervous. Still feeling ready and confident about this treatment!

I got out of treatment at about 2:30 and my awesome nurse told me everything went perfectly. My core temperature reached 107.24°F for 20 minutes and 106.88°F for 120 minutes. All went well, I felt decent after although my spine was really sore. I asked for some pain meds and a sleeping pill and just slept for the remainder of the day and night.

Day Six:

 At about 5:30am the night nurse came in and removed my catheter from yesterday’s treatment. From that moment on I was wide awake for the day. I went right back to my room and was feeling pretty good, although I was a little out of it still. At this point, my mind was definitely quicker than my body. I woke up feeling much more clarity and more determined to get well. My back still was sore, but the pain had been reduced. We did not leave the Klinik the whole day, but I was able to get around the house, go to breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining room. It was nice to get some food into my system! I was feeling pretty good considering my body just ran a marathon yesterday. The prayers and support from across the world were felt with immense strength.

Day Seven:

 Two days after my first Whole Body Hyperthermia and I’m feeling pretty good. I had lots of energy yesterday, but definitely much more tired today, this is to be expected. I took a nice and long nap during my morning infusions. The detoxing has fully commenced and the bonds with fellow Lymies continue to grow even stronger. This place is full of so much healing power. I know I’ve said it before but I’m sure this is the answer for Me and could certainly be the answer for many who are suffering, whether it be Lyme or Cancer! Thanking everyone so much for all the continued support!

Day Eight:

 Third day following Whole Body Hyperthermia treatment number one. More detoxing and I am feeling very good, though I still have some body pain. We met with one of the doctors and reviewed my blood’s Dark Field Analysis. I have clear signs of Chronic Lyme and Inflammation as well as a decent load of toxic heavy metals. But they feel certain this treatment will be My Cure!

We walked almost 4 miles today throughout the healing gardens and soaked in the sun and healing vibes. People were curling on a partially frozen pond, a man was playing his guitar and singing, old folks were playing their weekly bocce games, and …. The mountains, the views never get old.

curling, guitars, ducks, sunshine, and the mountains

Again, I didn’t sleep well last night but I do believe this was due to some other reasons not related to the Klinik. At home we lost a dear friend from my childhood. Life is so fragile and sometimes it’s just not fair. People who fight so hard to survive and still don’t make it can really wake you up. I will continue to fight and will always fight just like I know she always fought. One of the strongest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing in this life. She was so strong, and I believe she is now my angel.

My meeting with the therapist today couldn’t have been better timing. I was needing this to reconnect my mind with my body. He had me sit there with my eyes closed and envision what I see in my future. I could see myself with Hunter at the top of a mountain, arms stretched wide, standing in the sunshine, breathing in the fresh mountain air. I could literally feel the wind moving inside of me. He asked me to visualize a being, whatever it may be, someone or something that is helping me, someone I want to share this with. I immediately thought of this lost angel. I was moved to tears. I see her standing just below me and shouting, “You’ve got this Tom, you’ve always got this, and I’m super proud of you! Let’s rock this thing together!” Little does she know I am, and always have been, seriously inspired by her strength and courage. The tears flowed naturally, and I was once again thoroughly inspired. This was a very moving a vulnerable moment for me. I had never met this man, but he really knows how to connect with patients on a spiritual level. He even had me draw out an image of how I visualize what Lyme Disease is to me and how it has made me feel over these past years.

The sunshine will bring us hope and healing energy

Day Nine:

I am feeling pretty good. Today was so beautiful outside, it is pretty much the beginnings of Springtime here in Bad Aibling. Mom and I walked a few miles around town after my morning infusions of antibiotics and detoxing fluids. Only a few more rounds of antibiotics and I will be free from them indefinitely! I had the final colon hydro prep for second hyperthermia on Monday along with further detoxing like the magnetic field with ionic O2, detox foot bath, Bluelight therapy with O2, and Laser IV therapy. Looking forward to a slightly easier day tomorrow. Just a few infusions and no appointments. So, we’re planning on going to visit Herrenchiemsee Palace, built by King Ludwig II. It’s only about 30 minutes from the Klinik!

Day Ten:

 Today Mom and I went to Prien am Chiemsee and visited Herrenchiemsee Royal Palace; it was an amazing experience. I learned a very important lesson not to push myself too hard. When we arrived onto the island and it experienced a little scary for a moment. I was very close to blacking out and I was worried I would need to be taken off the island in stretcher. I was not prepared to experience anything like that, but I quickly listened to my body, we found the restaurant on the island, I rested, drank lots of water, got some food into my system, and was able to carry on the rest of the day.

We toured the inside the palace and it was incredible. So much history and simply stunning. The grand room was shining with all the crystals reflecting from the light and the fountains look to be beautiful when fully functioning in the Summertime. The mountain views of The Alps were stunning! So incredibly thankful to be here!

Day Eleven:

Good Lord, I do not like prep days at the Klinik! But at least we got outside for a walk after lunch before the prep drink. The first broth day didn’t seem that bad, but the second time around was a different story, the smell and taste made me gag. We didn’t really do too much today, I wasn’t feeling as well as I have been, a bit weaker than usual and stomach was uncomfortable. I had the three rounds of antibiotics, vitamin B, and vitamin C infusions, as well as a shot of cortisol in the butt. I was room bound for the evening and ended up pretty hangry. I remember that when I woke from Whole Body Hyperthermia the first time all I could think about was pizza; which is NOT included in my diet. It got me thinking, what I’ll wake up thinking about tomorrow for my second treatment? My guess, probably pizza. I’m ready to bake again and kill off the rest of whatever doesn’t belong in my body! Then it’s ALL about the Detox! Plasmapheresis is scheduled for next Monday!

Prep Day – Bottoms up! Yack!

Day Twelve:

 Second Whole Body Hyperthermia Day. My second treatment went well for the most part. Again, my core temperature reached 107.24°F for 20 minutes and 106.88°F for 120 minutes.

In the Hyperthermia room, as I was waking up the doctor and nurse asked me if I remember waking up during the treatment, which I don’t. They said I woke up, took the towel off my face, and tried to move almost touching the lights. All this happened as they were putting in my catheter, I am so stubborn! Apparently, they had to max me out on propofol. I asked why I would have woken up and they said it because my immune system is already stronger from the first treatment, so it was fighting off the propofol on its own. One thing I do remember is waking up saying to the doctor and nurse “Thank you for saving my life.” It’s like I knew right away that something had changed within me. I then remember one of the other nurses asking me to sing for them. So, I proceeded with “Fly Me to Moon” and then my nurse told me to maybe wait until I am a little more alert, Ha Ha Ha! Apparently, I also sang “The National Anthem” and “Ave Maria”, this all I do not remember, you cannot make this stuff up! I woke from treatment with lots of phlegm, lower than normal blood pressure, and some soreness in my back again.

I was taken back to the recovery room slept for a while and then woke to my Aunt Maribeth there by my side all the way from Maynard, Massachusetts to visit with me for a week while I go through this process. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life! I was even visited by fellow patients and that was just so, so nice! There are some seriously amazing people at the Klinik and these bonds will be forever!


Day Thirteen:

I met with all the doctors today to the go over the details of my second treatment. They seemed impressed with how well I was doing, and they told me that I have been a “perfect patient” for them. I requested a meeting with Dr. Douwes just to go over everything and to have the opportunity to speak directly with the Big Guy! I am definitely tired today, but my brain feels even more clear than ever before. I woke up seriously dying to get some food in me. I absolutely love Pascu. She is my total favorite of all the doctors there. She called me today on the phone and said, “Hello Mr. Perfect, Dr. Douwes is ready to see you now.” Mom, Aunt Maribeth, and I went into the meeting together and he went over all the details of my case. He looked at all my previous records and we went over all the tests they did at the Klinik so far. We discussed my current symptoms and what the goals were for these three weeks. They want the patients to get better.

Dr. Friedrich R. Douwes

Now We Detox! There is a recovery protocol that begins next and it’s imperative that I continue detoxing when I arrive home to be sure that my recovery is successful. Dr. Douwes said that they may not be able to cure all my symptoms because of the nerve damage caused by the neurotoxins but they will try their best for sure. I liked his sincere honesty and that the science behind this treatment works. It is the right options for those of suffering. Today is also my last day of IV antibiotics. I have been on IV antibiotics for the past 13 months and I am finally free, I does not seem real, but it is! Thank you Everyone for the prayers, well wishes, and ALL the Love!

The Fantastic Team of Doctors!

Day Fourteen:

Two days after my second Whole Body Hyperthermia and I am thankful to have begun further detoxing! I have a lot of dead bacteria and biotoxins in me that must get out in order to have successfully recovery! All the regular detoxing continues. I tried cupping for the first time; it was a great experience. I immediately felt relief in the worst part of my neck, now my neck looks like it’s got a mega hickey. I still am feeling tired and a little run down, but still feeling strong. I did feel a bit more irritable in the morning, but I’m sure it’s just the stress of it all. In the afternoon, they had me try a new machine called the Papimi; it was really unique! They are also going to do some patient testing with me on a NeuroOptimal Advanced Brain Training System. It was quite interesting!

Having Aunt Maribeth here is wonderful and has been a great distraction. She brought me a bag of coins that Nona gave to her while she was going through her chemotherapy and needed her shots. Over the next week will be receiving five peptide shots in my butt. She told me to keep these coins on my side and they will help protect me. So, I did just that! I’m grateful that she can be here to see how the Klinik operates and to be here for more support for me.

Today we went and tried our first beer in Germany. My Mom got this massive one and it tasted good. She drank it like a champ. The one I got was smaller and tasted okay. Aunt Mari’s tasted just liked a standard light beer. We had some decent German pub food tonight as well. It was nice to get out just for the evening.

Avril Lavigne released a new album this week and it could not have been released at a more perfect time. For many years she has been suffering with Lyme Disease she reached a point where she accepted that she was going to die. Thankfully she got the help she needed and is doing much better now. During her battle and throughout her recovery she began writing new music.

She says that she “Hopes this album, #HeadAboveWater, can give strength, inspiration and comfort to anyone who listens to it”.

It is extremely inspirational for everyone but especially to someone who has literally been fighting for their life for years. To be at the Klinik doing something so extreme but so necessary for my survival these lyrics brought me so much inspiration to me.

“Yeah, my life is what I’m fighting for
Can’t part the sea, can’t reach the shore
And my voice becomes the driving force
I won’t let this pull me overboard” – A. Lavigne

“And I won’t bow, I won’t break
No, I’m not afraid to do whatever it takes
I’ll never bow, I’ll never break

‘Cause I’m a warrior, I fight for my life
Like a soldier all through the night
And I won’t give up, I will survive, I’m a warrior
And I’m stronger, that’s why I’m alive
I will conquer, time after time
I’ll never falter, I will survive, I’m a warrior” – A. Lavigne

Day Fifteen:

Everything Happens for a Reason

 Today is the first time since arriving at the Klinik where I can truly say I feel like the Old Tommy. This place has been my miracle and I am forever grateful for the love and enormous amount of support from everyone.

We had a great day working directly with Julian Douwes (the son of the Big Guy). He continued testing out the new brain stimulation program on me and I think I may have reached a turning point. We did the Papimi again and he even did it for Mom and Aunt Maribeth! He spent over an hour of his personal time with us and it’s just amazing because that is not something that happens in the USA! Julian did his first ultrasound when he was 6 years old. These people are here to help and cure patients. It’s just so amazing and so wonderful to learn about the family history, their pets, and his incredible amount of knowledge.

The detoxing continues with blue light, magnetic field, foot baths, deep tissue lymphatic drainage massage, and I even got a haircut here inside the Klinik. I received my first peptide shot, my butt is sore now LOL. All sounds like fun and games, except the butt shot, but this is all incredibly essential to achieving a positive outcome. Tomorrow I will continue with the detoxing and will have my first of two Localized Hyperthermia treatments.

Klinik Selfie

Day Sixteen:

Local Hyperthermia today was a breeze, they focused on the back of my neck, upper back, and my chest. More butt shots and detoxing continued, but I will have the upcoming weekend free from any treatments so tomorrow Aunt Maribeth, Mom, and I will travel to Salzburg for the four-hour Sound of Music bus tour. Looking forward to some great views! Also looking forward to coming home in 6 days. I miss everyone and really miss my bed. I must say the beds here are not that comfortable for extended stays.

Day Seventeen:

Aunt Maribeth leaves in the morning so today we got out of the Klinik and traveled to Salzburg and did the famous Sound of Music Bus Tour! It was so beautiful. The mountains were more than stunning, the lakes were incredible, the views were fantastic, and the tour was a lot of fun. Even cooler to see some of my heritage in the flesh! From what I could see Austria is a truly amazing country! The Hills were Certainly Alive with the Sound of Music Today!

I’m am finally in the home stretch! One more day off treatment tomorrow then the last big treatment is on Monday for Plasmapheresis. I’m ready to filter these toxins out of my blood and very ready to get home. I am SO grateful to have this opportunity to finally have a Life Beyond Lyme!

Day Eighteen:

This place is nothing short of a miracle! The people here are incredible and the medical team they have here goes way above and beyond to help get their patients well! The Douwes Family goes back seven generations of healing people who have needed it!

The direct hands on approach to healing their patients is Nothing like Anywhere else in the World! As a patient you feel like a part of the family. They take you into their arms and handle each case with so much care. I cannot express how much I appreciate the entire team here and the Douwes family for ALL they have done for Me!


Day Nineteen:

Plasmapheresis took about 6 hours and it cleaned out all the harmful biotoxins and dead bacteria from my blood. It was quite the experience laying still for 6 hours. I discovered my body cannot pee laying flat. That’s a long time to not be able to pee. I am glad that nearing the end the bed could be lifted and then suddenly the pee flowed; thank goodness for the bottle. We opted for an IV line in my right arm rather than a central port, the first one failed mid-treatment so we went into the left and the remainder of treatment went smoothly. During the switch over I had a moment of cold sweats and almost passed out Lars and Dr. Reichel were amazing throughout, per usual, got me the meds I needed and calmed me right down. I am so thankful to have overcome this hurdle! Now only a few days remain here at Klinik St. Georg and it’s bittersweet. The staff here is made up of Angels!

“I’ve got Time, I’ve got Love,
Got Confidence WE Rise Above!” – G. Ezra

Day Twenty:

Today I had my last Local Hyperthermia and first Mito-box therapy along with attending a great seminar with Dr. Douwes speaking about the Lyme Protocol at KSG. I love to hear him speak! I have been caught singing in the halls and during treatments. There is a new spark in my soul that has been reignited and I can feel it all over my body. Tomorrow is my LAST treatment day with Mito-box, some final detoxing therapies, along two peptide shots in the butt.

It will be essential for me to follow the recovery and detoxing protocol after leaving KSG as well allowing time for my body heal. In order to rebuild the multitude of damages done to my body, I had to accept this prior to coming for treatment. I can feel my immune system is ready to regenerate!

I am forever grateful for the people I have met here and the Entire Team here at Klinik St. Georg! The Team of Angels! I cannot believe we are starting to say our goodbyes. Tomorrow should be a VERY EXCITING DAY on ALL levels!!!

The news getting more traction about Lyme! I am so proud of Katie and Jennifer for sharing their stories, advocating, and spreading further awareness with WENY. Check out the segment now! 

This treatment in Germany is not for everyone but should be considered for anyone who is struggling with Lyme Disease and even Cancer! It is a fantastic place for patients suffering all over the world to have an opportunity at life again.

Today I learned that the largest private network in Germany, RTL, is doing a segment on KSG. Soon at “Punkt 12” -RTL: Dr. Douwes will talk about Lyme disease, the history, development and his experiences. at St. George Hospital 12:00 – RTL or at I was asked by one of the doctors to be a part of this interview and I accepted. I will be the featured patient in this interview about Klinik St. Georg’s Lyme Disease Protocol alongside with Dr. Douwes to be aired throughout Germany.

Day Twenty-One:

 What a cool day and exciting experience! We finished up with filming around noon and it was so fun and interesting to be apart of something big like that. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help others learn more about the Klinik, this protocol, and This Cure Available for Lyme Disease.

I also completed my final treatment this afternoon, received my final butt shots and I also had my PICC Line removed. This is the first time being totally untethered in just over 13 months! Hallelujah!!!

One Quick Video of Me Speaking & Another Quick Video of Me Speaking

Day Twenty-Two:

Saying our final goodbyes today. It’s bittersweet but I am so grateful for this experience and for my stronger future! My experience at Klinik St Georg has been a great one. The bonds I have made will last a lifetime and I am so thankful to have this chance at getting my life back again. I know I said it before, but these people are here to save lives and are truly Angels!

We end up leaving Bavaria and it is practically Springtime. The sun was shining, it’s about 70°F and we’re going home to Winter Wonderland once again. I am ready to see my Lovies though! We took one last walk in the Bad Aibling Kurpark and soaked in the views on final time. We said our final goodbyes all around the building and got a ride back to Munich airport.

Thank You to ALL the People who got me here and for ALL positive vibes and healing prayers!!

My Last Day – So Bittersweet


I have made it home and a friend had asked me what is the end result? Are you cured? Does Lyme go into remission?

I thought these were all fantastic questions and it really made me think about these answers.

In short, my response was that the end result is that the Lyme and Bartonella should be now dead and will no longer continue to destroy my body. I was likely ill for a lot longer than we thought, maybe since my childhood so there has been quite a bit of damage to my nerves and brain and therefore full recovery and complete detox will take time.

I can tell already that I am going through a herxing phase already. It will take time, a lot of time. As for my symptoms, they have greatly reduced, many are completely gone. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to go to Klinik St Georg. I have been given a chance at a life again.

Over time I am going to be able to better address this question and have a more solid answer.

Klinik St. Georg: A Chance at Life Beyond Lyme

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