Am I cured? Life After Lyme

A friend had asked me what is the end result of my treatment at Klinik St. Georg in February 2019?

Are you cured?
Does Lyme go into remission?

What about your Bartonella?

At that time, I wasn’t able to answer it entirely. But in short, my response was that the end result is that the Lyme and Bartonella should be now dead and will no longer continue to destroy my body. I was likely ill for a lot longer than we thought, maybe since my childhood so there has been quite a bit of damage to my nerves and brain and therefore full recovery and complete detox will take time.

What about today … Am I cured?

First off, I would like to state that I still wholeheartedly believe in the treatment that I had at Klinik St. Georg. I believe that Lyme Disease is no longer active in my system, despite being re-bit in May 2019.

As of August 2021 I did not and have not had any relapses to the caliber of my symptoms prior to treatment at the Klinik! I have been off all medications and supplements since Summer of 2019 and had been feeling quite good for quite a long time.

For me, I consider myself to be remission from my Lyme Disease.


The definition of remission is “either the reduction or disappearance of the signs and symptoms of a disease. The term may also be used to refer to the period during which this diminution occurs. A remission may be considered a partial remission or a complete remission.”

Medical Dictionary

Remission can mean something different to various patients. Being in remission does not mean that I am out of the woods. For me, it means to have simply gotten my life back in my control for the time being. Lyme Disease relapses are highly possible and pretty likely for someone who had been ill for several decades, like myself. Am I cured? I’m not 100% sure that there is a cure for long-term chronic neurological Lyme disease.

Regarding Bartonella, I am honestly unsure as to what is happening with my Bartonella diagnosis.
I have not been retested since prior to my KSG treatment, but overall my active symptoms are not consistent with Bartonella. I will be looking into retesting for all bacteria in the coming months.

After being sick for what is likely to be decades, I am most certainly still dealing with lots and lots of damaged nerves and other neurological issues!

Since November 2019, my autonomic neurologist and PCP have retested my autonomic dysfunction and scanned my brain additional times after my KSG treatment. At first, it was discouraging to have my results come back worse, but I chalked it up to recovery from treatment and each new test result would serve as a marker point to my healing progress. I was still feeling well, so I really didn’t want to overthink any of it.

I was finally able to travel, do things, and take on new responsibilities.

I was so ready to take a break from medication.
Stop all treatments, and just carry on with my life!


In 2020, I took a much needed break. While the rest of the world shutdown due to COVID-19 I took the opportunity to reset. Although, some new symptoms started to creep back in, I was glad to still be able to be off all medications and to be able to have my freedom. Even as my new symptoms arrived, I struggled mentally with accepting that I may still be ill. I was and am still sort of in denial of it all.

However, I cannot ignore my body! I MUST practice what I preach!
I opted to contact my neurologist to begin retesting and see what was going on.

As of August 2021, The (Medical) Break is Over!
I have a new diagnosis of CIDP and am beginning a new treatment.

Feel free to read about my CIDP experience here.

Keep on Keepin’ On and All the Best,

Tommy F.

2 thoughts on “Am I cured? Life After Lyme

  1. Hi Tommy,
    I’ve been suffering from Lyme for the past 15 years (I’m 27 currently) and am considering going to the clinic. I read your blog and it was very helpful!

    I do have some concerns about some of the reviews I’ve seen on Google, saying it’s a scam and that they were asked to pay twice or that the care was lacking. It sounds like that was not your experience at all. Have you talked to anyone who has gone in recent years?

    Thank you for sharing your experience!


    1. Hi Dani,

      I’m sorry to hear about how long you have been struggling with Lyme Disease… I can 100% relate to your experience.
      I have seen the same reviews that you saw about the Klinik. I went 3 years ago and had zero issues with regards to payment and lacking care.
      It should be noted that care in Germany is different than in the USA. I believe that some people enter into the Klinik with extreme/unreal expectations. When we are sick for decades we grasp at anything that we can, I know I did.

      I do know people who have gone in recent years, but each person had various experiences with the Klinik, some good and some bad. It’s all about patient perspective. Personally, I had a great experience. If I could afford it, I would go back for further immune support. Currently, I am on IVIG for neuropathies and autonomic dysfunction. I don’t blame the Klinik for my ongoing symptoms. They did their absolute best for me at the time of my treatment. I was off ALL medications for 2.5 years and felt fantastic. I call that a win!



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