Break Free From The Stimulation Nation

These are some EXCELLENT words of wisdom! We owe it to ourselves to see more than what’s in the palms of our hands. Let’s look to each other. #greatread

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Written by Dr. Eric Perry
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“I believe people are afraid to be still because we’re used to being stimulated.” ~Michael W. Smith

When was the last time you sat alone in silence without anything or anyone to distract you? For many of us, it is difficult to be alone without something to entertain us or to focus our attention on. In its most obvious and prevalent form, the distraction comes in the form of our mobile phones. The real question then should be when was the last time you spent a day without your mobile phone? I accept that we all depend on our mobile phones for a myriad of reasons such as work, staying in touch with friends and family and in case of an emergency. The issue that I am seeing more often in my practice is the inability to put the mobile phone down…

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