This is Lyme: Our Lyme Stories


Watch Our Lyme Stories Here

Collectively, we represent the struggle that so many across the globe are living with Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Illnesses.

Together we can fix this, our voices matter.

Lyme disease is devastating when it reaches the chronic form (usually due to missed diagnosis), which is largely ignored by medical professionals across the globe. The intent of this video is to share our stories and raise awareness.

No one is immune–This could happen to You.

Additional resources:

We hope this video will help to spread awareness. We hope it will help friends and family members to better understand the struggles that Lyme patients very often endure alone.

To all Lyme patients out there–you are not alone.

You are Stronger than You Know! 


2 thoughts on “This is Lyme: Our Lyme Stories

  1. Did the Klinik ever send you the interview you had done while you were there? That would be interesting to see .


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