Trust Your Struggle


Are you struggling with all that is going on in the world right now? I know I certainly am. 

It seems no matter where we go, we cannot escape the dreaded “C” word. It is no doubt that COVID-19 prevention is a new norm for the majority of the global population.

*We all must do our part to social distance to help prevent ourselves and others from becoming sick.*

I think that it is quite normal to be struggling right now. Because what the Hell is “normal” about any of this? None of it.

It is SO important to allow yourself to struggle with what is going on right now. It is confusing and to struggle with it all is completely understandable.

And, yes, it is important to keep positive in trying times; I can certainly attest to this in my life experiences and battle with Lyme Disease!

But PLEASE, for Your Own Sake, It is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to not force yourself to be happy, try not to force yourself feel something that you are not feeling in troubling times. To feel sad is normal. We are Human. We are compassionate beings.

Trust Your Struggle!


As humans we naturally grieve our losses.

ALL of our lives have just been flipped upside down.

  • Millions of People are out of work.
  • Essential personnel are exhausting All of their energy for so many to survive.
  • We cannot be with our families when it matters most.
  • We miss our friends.
  • We cannot go to the movies.
  • Out to eat on date nights.
  • Hold weddings or funerals.
  • Or simply enjoy the company of others, (face to face)

It is natural to have emotions over this, to become overwhelmed by all these swift changes happening all around us. 

This week, I have found myself ultra stressed. This is not good for someone with a compromised immune system, especially with a monster virus spreading the globe!

BUT I MUST TO STOP! I know I need to distance MYSELF from all of it!!


  • Allow ourselves to feel This Struggle. 
  • Know that it IS O.K. to feel stress and overwhelmed by all of what is going on. 
  • (it may seem selfish, but) Do Your part. BUT FOR YOURSELF FIRST. 
  • Understand that SO MANY OTHERS are feeling this very same way. 
  • STAY CONNECTED! Use Messenger, Skype, FaceTime, Phone Calls, Texts.
  • GET CREATIVE! Make something, start that hobby you always wanted to do. 
  • GET OUTDOORS, Go for a walk, lay in the sun, JUST GET OUTDOORS! 

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but so much has been going on and I feel that now is a time to speak up. For myself, For YOU, and for ANYONE who needs to read this.

As my Nona would always say, “Love & God Bless”

Stay Safe & Keep Healthy! Much Love, 


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