The Choice IS Yours

Every day we wake up with The Power to Create Our Own Happiness!


  • Don’t let the stress of the morning commute get you down!

    • Embrace that you now have more time to jam out to your favorite tunes before work! They will be just fine with you running a bit late … Traffic happens. 
  • Don’t worry if you can’t make into the office today. If you are feeling well, take the time for You!

    • Embrace that you can acknowledge your body needs a rest, they will understand. 
  • Try to not over-think about all that is going on in your life!

    (… This is the hardest one for me!! … I AM the Master Over-Thinker! 🤷‍♂️ But! I am working on this each day.)

    • Rather than overthink, take a deep breathe and try to empty your thoughts … even just for a moment. 
    • Do this a little everyday and it will become easier and easier with each breath.
  • Each morning Take a Moment for Yourself!

    • Embrace that your are ALIVE. 
    • Embrace the roof over your head.
    • Embrace the family and friends you have. 
    • Never give up on your Dream, just because of one Nightmare. 
    • Remember You ARE Stronger than You Know!
    • Look into the mirror and SMILE 😀

💚 Much Love – Tommy

2 thoughts on “The Choice IS Yours

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