Reflection – My Klinik St. Georg Experience: Six Month Follow-Up

Today marks SIX MONTHS since I arrived home from Klinik St. Georg in Bad Aibling, Bavara and I still cannot believe it.

Klinik St. Georg is the place that gave me a chance at life again!

Klinik St. Georg: A Chance at Life Beyond Lyme


I look back and remember it took me so long to decide that traveling abroad was my only hope for a positive future. I really wanted to do all that I could here in the USA before having to go to Germany for a life-changing experience. And now I look back and often wonder why I hadn’t gone prior to then!

What took me so long?

Well, to be honest, this was the hardest decision of my entire life. There were so many questions about the future of my health and about how I could continue living like I was. After over a year of pumping my body with IV antibiotics I felt I truly had no other choice but to get this treatment! I was not going to make if I continued on the same path I was on. 

Traveling to Klinik St. Georg was the best decision I could have ever made to help conquer my Lyme Disease. If you recall, I posted a 7-week follow-up to my experience at the Klinik back in April. (You can view my complete experience here: My Klinik St. Georg Experience) At the time on my 7-week follow-up I was starting to feel much better following my post-treatment recovery protocol. The recovery phase was certainly the hardest for me. I experienced some of the worst fatigue in my life, but there was always hope for a positive future!

After recovery the fatigue passed. Just as if a switch was flipped within me, I was suddenly fulfilled with boosts of energy! I am finally sleeping well and waking each day feeling refreshed. I had been dealing with non-restorative sleep for years and years. Now, rather than spending time on my couch watching television that I could not follow, I am out doing things with my life! I am finding new ways to enjoy my time.

In late May, I had a bit of flare-up. Which cause lots of my previous symptoms to creep back in. So, feeling defeated, I met with my primary care physician who is also now my primary LLMD. Due to a recent tick bite she ran some labs. Between my PCP and Dr. Douwes at KSG, both doctors assured me that I have nothing to worry about. They confirmed that I look to be clear of active Lyme Disease, Bartonella, and Babesia. My current issues had to do with residual nerve damages and my high viral loads, to which we are treating with a monolaurin called Lauricidin along with other supplements. I am now only taking about 5-10 supplements per day.

When I first contacted the Klinik in 2017, I had 73 chronic symptoms of: LymeBartonellaBabesiachronic EBVCMVMycoplasma, and HHV-6.

As of today, I can say that I have only a few symptoms left:

  • Constant ringing in both ears 
Head, neck, face:
  • Slight tension headaches
  • Upper/middle back and neck pain
  • Slight tingling and numbness of feet, legs, hands, fingers, and arms; both sides, comes and goes
  • Neck cracking and popping
  • Mild lightheadedness upon standing
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

I met with an autonomic neurologist to review my nerve damages causing the ongoing lightheadedness and ear ringing. I was prescribed Mestinon to see if we can help regulate my fluctuating blood pressure and help my nerves regenerate. So far it seems to be helping. The remaining body aches and pains are most likely due to years and years of damages from the spirochetes. I still have brain damages and nerve damages that will take time to heal. It could be years before I am fully better. But I am No Longer riddled with active Lyme suppressing my system. 

I was the first patient of my PCP’s to travel to Klinik St. Georg for treatment so I have provided all the information I could to help out other patients that might have interest in this treatment as well. Since then, she has successfully sent over at least a dozen patients! I feel so humbled to be helping others. I have seen many fellow Lymies in the Fight travel to Klinik St. Georg for the same treatment I received. I am elated to see that we are all doing so much better than before! We All Deserve a Chance at LIFE AGAIN! 

The stars have continued to align for me since making the decision to head to the Klinik. From having the most incredible fundraiser, to seeing the hills of Austria with my Mother and Aunt, to finding a new partner in crime to walk this life with and hearing that I am Lyme and co-infection free!! LIFE IS GOOD!!! 


We’re Famous in NYC!!!

Though, I have mentioned that I am dealing with some anxiety and irritability. This has been a rather recent development, but I think I have a pretty good idea as to what is causing it.

In the past six months, I have done more with myself than I have been able to do in years. I have been to eight concerts so far this year, performed with my band a few times, spent a long weekend in New York City for my first trip to NYC ever. I am able to go out on the week nights, enjoy myself, and still get up and feel refreshed for the work the following day!

One of the concerts was a Boston Harbor Cruise. That night, after the concert, we went out on the town and didn’t make it home until close to 4:00am! Who am I? HAHA. During that evening out in Boston, I found myself feeling guilty. This guilt has been sort of creeping up on me more often recently. It’s been sort of confusing because when I am out I am having a great time and I find myself thinking about how for so long I was not able to go out and enjoy myself. Now that I was out on the town, I was feeling like I might not be able to handle it, all while I was knowing that I could handle it Because I Was Doing It … it all became quite overwhelming and confusing.

I suppose this is all apart of healing and regaining strength from years of suffering. While we are sick, we get used to the isolation and the time at home. We get used to the normal being stuck in pain and suffering. We find it hard to accept when the good is happening. We need to allow ourselves to feel again. Love again. Live again! 

As I have mentioned in the past it is really important to remember healing is NOT linear. It is often two steps forward and one step back. We must take the good with the bad.

Finally, I am looking forward to a bright future and I am excited to announce that I have joined the Global Lyme Alliance Peer to Peer Mentor Program as a Certified Peer Mentor. I really want to find ways to give back to the Lyme Community. This will be one of my first steps in truly giving back to such a needing community.

MEET YOUR GLA – PEER to PEER MENTOR! – Tommy Farnsworth
AS ALWAYS Keep On Keepin’ On and Remember that



5 thoughts on “Reflection – My Klinik St. Georg Experience: Six Month Follow-Up

  1. Hi I’m very much considering going to Germany by myself to get treatment for my Lyme disease. I do feel scared to go by myself but it is how it has to be. I wanted to check in with you and see if you were still in remission. The money is a lot for me so I think I would feel more confident hearing that you are still doing well. Thank you 🙏🏼


    1. Hi Kasey, Thanks for your comment. I know others that have gone on their own; my best advise would be to make sure to speak with other patients that are at the klinik while you are there. It is incredible how validating it is to be amongst the company of others who have suffered just like us. It’s almost 2.5 yearssince my treatment at KSG. Since the treatment recovery phase, I have been off of all medications and supplements. I have been able to travel, go to concerts, and so much more.
      Though my health is still not where I would like to be, I am still much better than I was. Currently, I am still experiencing symptoms, such as anxiety and ongoing nerve issues.
      When I left the klinik, I was very diligent about my diet and detoxing daily. I am much more relaxed about these things now and my body can definitely tell…I need to be more diligent and I’m sure I could get myself back on track.

      Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you may have or if you would like me to elaborate more.


  2. Our son is 17 and has been challenged by ongoing join amd soft tissue pain which are diagnosed as lyme, greatly limit him and no practicioner cam solve. Klinck accepted him, and we love to know if youve heard of any stories of parients who have no other symptoms than pain bei g treated and brought into functional remission. Thanks!


    1. Hi Wendy, I’m sure that there are some success stories out there. As far as I understand, the Klinik has a 65% success rate with Lyme Disease treatments. Personally, I have been off all medications since my treatment in Feb. 2019 and I have been feeling quite good. Although, I need to work hard on maintaining remission. I have been laxed with my diet and am still very damaged from the decades of suffering with Lyme and Co-infections. According to my LLMD, I may still have Bartonella and we are currently pursuing IVIG to help the regeneration of nerves that were lost from all my prior treatments and damages. Feel free to reach back out if I can provide any further insights.
      So great to hear that your son has been accepted at the Klinik. I all the best of luck to him and to your family!


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