Looking for “The One”? Why not let “The One” Find You.

You probably won’t even expect it when it happens
… BUT … if you are fortunate enough, one day
you will stumble upon the one person that
becomes your friend AND your family.

Throughout my life, just like most, I have dated here and there. I have had some good relationships and some not so good. I have come to learn that we are all just searching for our “Perfect Match”; the one that suits our lifestyle, the one that fits in with our family, and blends well with our friends.

I have seen so many friends and family find their perfect matches and start building families together. Of course, I’ve also seen some relationships that are far more dysfunctional than others. Somehow even the dysfunctional families seem to make it work. Either way, I find it gratifying to see all these perfectly unique families grow together. Watching these families gives me a great idea of what it can really be like and what I truly want out of this life.

I’ve always wanted to find that Perfect Match. Don’t we all? Especially now that I am feeling well after years fighting my Lyme Disease, I want to have one of those unique families. I know that I had a long way to go before I could allow myself to open up to idea of finding The One.

In the past, I’ve considered settling for less than I am worth, I’ve considered never dating again and I’ve considered just giving up on the idea of a family all together.

But in reality, we are ALL human and we ALL crave human connection. Our bodies need a human connection just as much as we need food and water.

We all Desire Love. We all Deserve Love! 

As I’ve grown, I’ve decided I would just let the love find me … 
Suddenly, one evening, out of the blue,
Like a fireball falling from the night sky.
You just know it right away, This Is It.
This is my perfect match.
The One that fits You like
Michael’s diamond studded glove,
or that glass slipper in Cinderella.
This is Your Soulmate.

… They tend to come out of the blue, when you least expect it, and overall you will feel like you are the luckiest person in the entire World. They have a true heart and they have ALL the same values as you do. You both share similar interests. The best part is that they are goofy and weird just like you. They can keep you entertained and captivated for hours on end. Just thinking about them fills you with complete joy.

This person allows you to naturally drop your defenses and be your True Self in ALL you do. They make you feel entirely worth it and love you for All of You. “They will think your body is flawless, that you’re sexy in pajamas, the more you are a hot mess, the more they go bananas.”

You find all their quirks to be their best characteristics. And you can try all you want to find their flaws, but when you do, you just fall deeper into all that they have to offer.

You both feel at peace when you are in the company of one another. You motivate each other. You feel completely free from fear and anxiety. This ultimate feeling will be overwhelming, and you probably will not understand it at times. All you know in your heart and in your soul is that life with them is Right and that you have finally found The One.  

“You pick up all the pieces and put ’em back again
You stitch and sew my heart up, all by hand
I know a good thing when I see one
And you know I didn’t see this coming

So baby let’s go insane, insane
Yeah you make me lose my brain, my brain
From the minute that you asked me what’s my name
I know it’s a dangerous game
But love me insane” – A.Lavigne

The moral of the story here is that you can’t just go searching for love. I truly believe that everything happens for reasons. People come into our lives at certain times for certain reasons. Let people in and allow yourself to love.

When you find The One, I promise … You will just know


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