“Most Important: Relax, Think Positive and Enjoy Life.” – Dr. Douwes

A few weeks ago I posted about the importance of getting tested after being bit by a tick or if your are feeling symptomatic.

Yes, while this is important, it’s ALSO VERY important to Listen to Your Body!

Chronic Illness is a Tricky Beast but it CAN be managed! 

Earlier this month I was feeling pretty crappy, I was feeling extra fatigued, was having trouble sleeping, lots of body pain, I had other strange symptoms going on, and I was feeling a bit discouraged. So, I met my with my primary care and requested some testing be done. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t at further risk of infection, either Lyme or many other other co-infections, that could have come from the bite.

I received all my blood-work back and to me it was confusing. I have very high viral levels of EBV, CMV, Mycoplasma Pneumonia, HHV-6, and on top of all of that I tested reactive for a band of Lyme Disease. The positive news was that I tested negative for Bartonella and Babesia, both of which I struggled with for years.

My PCP helped me better understand my blood-work and help reassure me that the Lyme Disease Band 41 is non-specific and likely just shows that I have had a past infection and not an active infection. She does not think I need to go on antibiotics, which is good because Dr. Douwes at the Klinik doesn’t want me back on antibiotics. She also explained that because my immune was just put through something extreme, my viral levels are likely just flaring up and she did not recommend anti-virals. She suggested the best supplement to tackle viral flare-ups, LauricidinHow To Take Monolaurin

When I first received my blood-work back I immediately emailed right over to Dr. Friedrich R. Douwes, MD at Klinik St. Georg.

  • This Man and his entire team have saved my life.
  • They have given me confidence in medicine again.
  • I wholeheartedly put ALL my trust and
  • ALL of my health care into the hands of KSG. (on the other side of the World)

Today, I received a message back from Dr. Douwes, who provided me with words of encouragement. He is right in line with what my PCP has said to me and has further suggestions for me:drdouwesNOTE

A fellow Lymie and I were talking over the weekend and it is really important to remember healing is NOT linear. It is often two steps forward and one step back. We must take the good with the bad.

Keep On Keepin’ On and Remember that WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE KNOW!


Live Your BEST Life!


You ARE Worth IT!

– Tommy


Klinik St. Georg: A Chance at Life Beyond Lyme

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