Tick Bite? Feeling Symptoms? Get Tested.

Tick Bite?
Feeling Symptoms?
Get Tested.

A few weeks ago I was once again bitten by a tick. Thankfully, it was dog tick that bit me and not a deer tick. I did not have any rashes at all, just a little soreness in the area of the tick bite. Even though the bite was from an American Dog Tick, there is still risk of infection, either Lyme or many other other co-infections could come from this bite.

Of course, after spending over $30,000 for treatment just 4 months ago in Germany and thousands of dollars spent in the years prior to that, I had myself a little episode of internal P.T.S.D..

  • Am I going to be back at square one?
  • Will I be re-infected again?
  • Was everything I just did in Germany a complete waste?

Then I really thought about it and I truly don’t think so.

I am in a much better place now. I have wonderful support all around me and I am better prepared to fight!

Learning so much during the past years while treating my Lyme Disease and Co-infections, I now feel encouraged to speak directly with my doctor regarding any health concerns that I have. She now asks me what I want to do, what testing I want, and offers me many options; thankfully not only antibiotics, unlike most doctors. I feel luckier than most because my PCP has been an incredible support for my better health since the moment I met her. 

I have been asked many times if I have been cured of Lyme Disease from my treatment in Germany. After being home for 15 weeks, I would say that I am better now. I am much better than I was prior to traveling to Germany!

Am I Cured? I think that is a really tough question. I have had years of damage to my body, brain, and soul. We are constantly exposed to the elements and further risks just in our everyday environments. I do believe that the Lyme Bacteria has been stopped in it’s tracks and that I no longer have any active Lyme Bacteria crippling my system.

I believe that the treatment in Germany has helped boost my immune system to better fight off environmental exposures and further potential risks. I still have some bad days, but I can count those bad days on just a hand. Rather than having more bad days than good, my quality of life is MUCH BETTER!

In recent weeks, following my latest tick bite, I have noticed some strange, yet familiar, symptoms creeping back in. I have been monitoring them daily and am working closely with my doctor on the next steps.


Although the lab tests for Lyme may not be 100% accurate, my doctor knows what other markers to look for, like low CD-57 and other key inflammatory factors that will give us a good idea of where to go from here.

I believe I am very close to reaching remission and sure I worry about relapse or that I am sort of in the middle of a mild relapse right now, but I am ultimately feeling that it is time that my body needs. I need to allow myself to heal, really heal. And I must ALWAYS remain vigilant to new risks.

I will start on the Cowden Protocol in the coming days. After we get my blood work back decisions will be made on where we will go from here.

Keep On Keepin’ On and Remember that WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE KNOW!

….. I found this post on Facebook the other day and I had to share it here for anyone who is working to reach Remission from Lyme:

“Lyme remission is work. Grueling work. ⁣⁣
•You will spend more money than others can comprehend- just to survive because unreliable tests say you don’t have Lyme. Then insurance doesn’t cover treatment or methods to manage chronic pain& inflammation. ⁣⁣
•You will try things others laugh or cringe at just to have a few moments without pain.⁣⁣
•You will lose people who you thought were friends. ⁣⁣
•You will have days where you don’t think you can go on. ⁣⁣
•You will be fighting something that others can’t see from the outside & don’t try to understand. ⁣⁣
•You will fake a smile & say you are fine more days than you can count. ⁣⁣
•You will have doctors who don’t believe you. ⁣⁣
•You will lose who you once were physically, emotionally, & spiritually. ⁣⁣
•You will rely on others to do the simplistic of tasks like walk to the bathroom or shower. ⁣⁣
BUT. . . Isn’t there always a but? 😂 Sorry I had to. ⁣⁣
There isn’t a quick fix for remission.
It takes time & all that you have. Sometimes years.⁣⁣
BUT I can tell you that:⁣⁣
•YOU are worth getting to remission. ⁣⁣
•YOU deserve remission.⁣⁣
•YOU deserve to really live. ⁣⁣
•YOU will find out who is truly a gem & stuck by your side. Who continued to check in.⁣⁣
•YOU will have a new found appreciation for life, health & the simple things.⁣⁣
•YOU can prove doctors wrong.⁣⁣
•YOU will find a tribe of Lyme warriors who you have never met yet care for you like you have been friends for years. ⁣⁣
•YOU can raise awareness to help others in the beginning of this journey. “

-Ashley Belanger – Lyme Warrior⁣lyme_remission

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