• Someone who Believes in You.
  • Someone who wants to understand your struggles.
  • Someone who wants to know what makes you, You.
  • Someone who wants to learn your insecurities.
  • Someone who helps you overcome your deepest fears.
  • Someone who motivates you to be a better person.
  • Someone who supports your life aspirations.
  • Someone who makes you feel worth it …                                                                                                                        especially when you feel less than everything.
  • Someone who accepts that you are (sometimes😉) irrational.
  • Someone who is quirky just like you.
  • Someone who creates a world of happiness around you with just one look.
  • Someone who wants to share THAT happiness with you.
  • Someone who can calm all your anxieties with one touch.
  • Someone who can ease your mind with the sound of their voice.
  • Someone who you can Always pick out in a crowd.
  • Someone who makes you smile just with the thought of them.
  • Someone who asks “How are you feeling today?”
  • Someone who wants to really know how You are feeling.
  • Someone who says “I will be There for You, through and through!”
  • Someone who Cares.


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