Did you know Lyme Disease can cause Brian Damage?

There is scientific evidence that the Lyme Borrelia Bacteria is able to reach the brain and destroy the entire nervous system.

The damages can be catastrophic for the patient.  

Like myself, the brain can develop lesions which can cause serious neurological issues. My MRI with NeuroQuant report shows that there is moderate involvement of the cerebral white matter by T2 hyperintense lesions, consistent with probable demyelinating brain disease. According to the reports these lesions could be caused Lyme, PTSD, or from mold exposure.

If the bacteria is not stopped in its path then these damages can have lethal effects on Lyme patients such as, dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS.


Learn more about Dr. Alan MacDonald’s research here: https://alzheimerborreliosis.net/

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