POST RECOVERY – My Klinik St. Georg Experience: Seven Week Follow-Up

April 6th, 2019 My First Hike Up Oak Hill in over 2.5 years! It felt amazing to get out with Hunter!

  Before I talk about my health, I just need to say that going to Klinik St. Georg was nothing short of a miracle for me! After years and years of unsuccessfully treating my Late-Stage Neurological Lyme Disease, I entered the Klinik with the upmost confidence that we had made the right choice for my better health. As my mother and I walked through the front doors we felt this overwhelming force of healing power in the air. The whole experience at the Klinik felt like Home for me. In fact, throughout these past weeks I frequently find myself home sick for Bad Aibling and Klinik St. Georg!

  While at the Klinik I bonded with so many fellow patients going through so much of the same that I have been going through for years. Our bonds will last a lifetime and are unlike any other connections I have ever made with anyone in the past. The camaraderie between us all was what fueled me to do well and embrace the entire protocol. I think it is so important for patients coming to the Klinik to put all their faith into this protocol. They need to tell themselves that they are stronger than they know and that this is the answer for them to get their lives back!

  Everyone made us feel so incredibly comfortable and welcome in such a foreign experience. We had no idea what to expect and not once did we feel unwanted or less than important. I genuinely love that every staff member knows each patient’s name, even the cleaning staff, whom are AMAZING; this makes patients feel that they are important! 

  I was so honored and grateful to have been asked to be a part of Dr. Douwes interview with RTL’s Point 12! It was quite the experience and I would tell anyone about how wonderful Klinik St. Georg is, again and again whether they need treatment for Lyme of Cancer.

The Klinik is a place where miracles happen, and it is full of an incredible team of angels!

  Throughout this experience for me, the stars have aligned … I truly believe that Everything Happens for a Reason and I hope that one day I can come back to the Klinik for a visit to see everyone again and soak up more of Bad Aibling and The Alps!


Klinik St. Georg: A Chance at Life Beyond Lyme


As for my health, when I first contacted the Klinik in 2017, when I had 73 chronic symptoms of Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, chronic EBV, CMV, Mycoplasma, and HHV-6. Due to lack of funding and wanting to try everything in the United States prior to traveling abroad, I ended up going on IV Ceftriaxone in January of 2018 along with over 30 vitamins and supplements and additional 5 prescriptions. I was on this protocol up until the day I arrived at Klinik St. Georg in February of 2019. I was still experiencing over 45 chronic symptoms; so obviously, something had to give.

  During my time at the Klinik I felt the better than I had felt in years. The fresh air of The Alps, the healing power of Kurpark, and KSG all together where full of so much energy that woke my whole body up. I think my body was beyond ready to fight the big fight. I was surprised my experience was pretty much smooth because I had heard it can be really tough. At this point, I would say that I do believe that the Lyme Disease has been stopped from further damaging my body and I finally have a chance at a better future!

Since waking up from my first hyperthermia treatment I have been clear minded and almost all my neurological issues have disappeared. I have no more crippling anxiety or depression. I remember waking up knowing something had changed inside me and somehow my life had been reset; I thanked the nurse and doctor for saving my life.

The recovery phase has been quite interesting. I stuck with it for the complete 6 weeks. This was just about all the recommended supplements from Germany (see list below). I followed the advised diet and did lots of detoxing like infrared saunas and Epsom salt baths. The first two weeks home I was extremely fatigued, the most fatigue I’ve experienced my whole life. There are still symptoms that persist, but I do believe this partly because of the long-term damage done and partly because my body just went through an extremely intense treatment.



  Anything is better than living with Chronic Lyme, spinning my wheels in the mud with IV antibiotics for the rest of eternity. I have been off if antibiotics since February 19th. The doctor pulled my PICC line for me prior to leaving the Klinik and I still have phantom feelings where my PICC Line used to be! After 13 months it amazing to be untethered. I am so grateful!

I feel that I am getting stronger each day. I have been back to work since March 18th and am thankful they are allowing me to cut back my hours while my body recuperates. I plan to go back to full-time hours in May. On April 13th I ended my 6-week recovery protocol from the Klinik. I will now only be taking Vitamin C, D, E, Ginko Bilboa, Acidophilus, Florastor, Lugol’s Solution 5%, Magnesium, Milk Thistle, & Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine each day along with a new prescription for my Thyroid. (see list below)



  I am still feeling much better than before arriving at the Klinik. I am waking each day refreshed and ready for the day ahead; which hasn’t happened in years. It seems that I have little-to-no neurological issues and only slight physical issues. I still have slight back and neck pain along with some stiffness and headaches, but the cracking and popping have virtually disappeared. Tinnitus persists in both ears, but maybe in time the small fiber neuropathy will repair. My fatigue is diminishing. I am walking miles each day and I plan to continue the dietary advisements from the Klinik which includes eating well, whole, sugar and alcohol free.

  I have noticed a persistent increase of coldness in my hands, this started to be pretty much being all the time while in Germany and has continued at home. I spoke with my LLMD on this and she had my thyroid tested and started me on a low dose of thyroid supplement as I am experiencing symptoms of slight hypothyroidism. I hope to meet with an allergist to determine what my food sensitivities are and plan to look into vitamin infusions for future detoxing and metal chelation.

As of today, my current symptoms are:


  • Constant ringing in both ears

Head, neck, face:

  • Slight tension headaches
  • Slightly swollen glands in neck and head that come and go. Not nearly as intense or persistent as before Germany.


  • Mild upper/middle back and neck pain
  • Slight tingling and numbness of feet, legs, hands, fingers, and arms; both sides, comes and goes
  • Lessening neck cracking and popping
  • Cold hands almost all the time
  • Mild lightheadedness upon standing

  And that’s pretty much it! It doesn’t seem real to go from over 45 symptoms to just a few left. I hope that with time and further healing I will start to see these symptoms diminish.

I plan to retest my body again in the late Summer or Fall for bacterial and viral loads and next year I am hoping to do another MRI scan on my brain to see if the lesions have begun healing.

  I have to say that I am so grateful to have been able to have had this treatment and I am excited to do more with my life and becoming an active member of the Lyme Activist Community. 

I am actually looking forward to hiking again; I can see it, I can feel, and I know it is in my future! I could not say this without the treatment I had at Klinik St. Georg.


I am forever grateful for everyone’s support! 

– Tommy


5 thoughts on “POST RECOVERY – My Klinik St. Georg Experience: Seven Week Follow-Up

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience Tommy. Your strength and courage over the years has been astounding. Truly inspiring. Well done!


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