The People Effect

It truly is amazing the effects people can have on each other. Throughout our lives we literally meet thousands of people and each of those people have true value.

Some people come, some people go, and some leave much more of an impact than others, but they all matter. These can be anyone from casual acquaintances to lifelong friendships. We probably have lots of friends growing up, many best friends, but as we grow, we find that the relationships with our family are much more important and out of those many best friends you had growing up you will likely end up with just a few or maybe just one that will be by your side forever.

For myself, I have met loads of people in life. I have let a few great ones slip through the cracks, but the people who matter the most have stuck with me through and through. Years ago, I believed I was loved by someone, but I was blinded by the idea of love. My friends stayed by my side no matter what and my family bonds were never stronger. Since then, a lot has changed in my life, through my sickness, and through therapy I have been able to heal the wounds of past relationships. I have dated here and there since but nothing ever really felt right or, maybe I just wasnโ€™t ready to be myself again. As I grew, I decided I would just let love find me.

When we are hurt by someone close in our lives it can take a long time to carry on or allow ourselves to open up to new people again. Our guards go up, we are much more resistant to new letting people in, and it sometimes can take years to feel confident again.

One thing that is SUPER IMPORTANT TO REMEMBERThere is always value there! You learned important lessons about love, pain, about relationships, and you became a stronger individual.

Now, what happens if all of this happens and youโ€™re dealing with Lyme or any chronic illness, or if your completely healthy? One thing I have learned throughout my time being sick with Lyme is that We Are Much Stronger Than We Know, and we go through a lot throughout this life, physically and emotionally. It is so easy to be wrapped up into emotions, mess with our eating and destroy our sleeping habits. It is SO MUCH MORE important to not allow that to happen for the sake of our health! Of course, embrace the cry, the coping, and the grief. Let it Out! But definitely do not keep it bottled in, talk to someone, keep busy and focus on all the good!

My Number One Motto is to always try and find the silver lining because there is Always a Silver Lining!


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